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Book review: Pandemonium by Willow Anderson

. tata.lifepages | Gifted | fantasy |

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wow! Guess who stayed up until 3 am last night binge reading this book? Yup guilty. Thank you so much for the author sending me a free e-book copy of this book, I devoured it. It was so thrilling, mysterious, seductive, dark, intense, mesmerizing! As you all know, I am head over heels for twisted, morally gray and seductive characters, which this book delivers on point with the Ring Master. Oh I can still picture his seductive stance and mysterious glances in my mind just typing about him. Not many books succeed in making me feel this way towards a character, and Willow Anderson delivered it and more!

The story reads fast paced, full of intriguing plot twists and alluring riddles for the reader to solve alongside the main character. I for one am addicted to love triangles, specially when they make you unsure of which love interest you like more, at the end I was cheering for both to win her heart and I knew my heart would be utterly crushed since only one could be victor. The bond between sisters is elaborated perfectly in such a realistic and enjoyable way that I felt instantly connected to their friendship. It made me long for a sister such as Victoria myself.

The author was able to leave us small clues throughout the story to hint at the ultimate villain, not enough for us to guess their identity, but enough for us to have that lucid incredible sense of nostalgic remembrance at each reference throughout the story once their identity was finally revealed at the end. I absolutely love feeling like “How did I not see it before?” once the villain is revealed.

Will I be reading book 2? YES!!!! A thousand times yes.

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Book review: Enjoy Food!…and some more myths that still prevent you from doing so, by Pavel Stanishev

. tata.lifepages | Gifted | non-fiction | (Enjoy Food, #2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was gifted a free e-book copy in exchange for my honest review. After enjoying so much book 1 from this same author I moved on to book 2, where the authors exposes true facts about various famous diets and how they seek fast results in short period of time. I found it very interesting when it was summarized that the best diet depends on a absolute change in one’s permanent eating habits. The book continues to present how each and every one of us have different eating habits and taste, so the diet should be specifically adapted for each person; like myself, I prefer salty foods ; so always salads over fruits. The author made me intrigued about discussions over the food industry and their analyses to input more sales ; I.e. super food, organic, gluten -free , low fat , etc and the myths created around these types of foods that always made me look for them without knowing the true facts behind it; were they actually beneficial as marketing exposes them to be?

The book relies its research on various scientific journals, with many quoted reports on the footnotes, which makes it very creditable. He even brings up some tips on how we can use filters on searching for nutrition and food information, based on science and reliable sources, for improved knowledge. In conclusion it is an enlightening read that brings up a very important point of view: people should focus more on consuming good & affordable meals; because they are healthy and balanced, cheap and tasty, and not necessarily just go for the most promoted alternative by brands.

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Book review: Enjoy Food!…and the top myths that still prevent you from doing so, by Pavel Stanishev

. tata.lifepages | Gifted | non-fiction | (Enjoy Food, #1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was gifted a free e-book copy in exchange for my honest review. The author describes in a clear manner his concerns about the current situation of food diets and trends. Nowadays, people (including myself) have been guilty of looking for a quick and short term diet solution and not really focusing on their health.

I particularly enjoyed the reflections that the author makes about the big picture on each subject that he brings ; sugar, detox, salt, diet, etc. it made me wonder about the need for balance among physical, mental and social aspects of my life ; which is the ultimate goal. One concept that brought me a much needed revelation was how the food industry uses marketing to mislead us to spend more money on expensive foods – e.g. organic x conventional food- instead of applying real concerns about the collective bigger good, which would entail a balance between health, environment and costs, etc .

I really enjoyed all the insights he presents and will definitely want to read more of his books, which even though are technical they are portrayed in a very easy to comprehend way with a lot of real and based sources, making me rethink how to enjoy my food even more !

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Book review: Winter’s Wolf by Lou Grimes (The Cursed, #1)

. t a t a . l i f e p a g e s | Gifted | YA |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was gifted a free e-book copy in exchange for my honest review. I was not expecting how much I loved this story!
It brought back all my feelings and love for the paranormal world. It gives me some “Linger” vibes (Maggie Stiefvater) however it has much more action and the characters are super easy to connect with. Louvette’s relationship with her mother and her best-friend (Cara) is so well portrayed, I found myself giggling with them at their playful jokes and fun times, Cara was definitely my favorite character, I was eager to read more about her.
Also could this book make me anymore hungry? I found myself salivating at how well the author described the delicious meals that Louvette and her mother shared (as a wolf shifter she requires a lot of energy). I loved the romance in this story, it was fluid and easy to fall in love alongside the characters. However at times the turn of events and the culprits seems a bit predictable, the shape-shifter story could have been introduced to Louvette in a more suspenseful way (her seeing a wolf outside her house watching her etc) instead of a question & answer session. I was AMAZED at how well the author described the moments when she is her wolf, I could vividly imagine her mind as a wolf, blurry in the background and focused on instincts. I absolutely loved when she was wolf.

Some Spoilers below! ****

I am very excited to read book 2, I hope it will give more of a background story to Emily Bonesteel as well to Hollows and his motives which I’m super curious about. I am also excited to read more about the pack life, how they behave, will they accept Louvette into their pack? I also hope to find out more about other packs and why they would want to steal her? For marriage? for a more pure blood line? All these questions make me super interested and eager for book 2!  

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Book review: Kiss & Tell by Luke Murphy

. t a t a . l i f e p a g e s | Gifted | Mystery |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was gifted a free copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review. The book was a pleasant surprise ever since the complex plot of crimes presents itself in the first 2 chapters. The story completely enveloped me in 2 intertwined mysteries related to the main detective character.  Several human traits of the MC developed along with the police suspense plot, such as addiction to the emotional loss of someone close, which enhanced my connection to the MC and made it more real, leading me to sympathize and cheer for her.  The author knew how to bring these elements of human reality to the MC very well and that makes us more involved throughout each chapter. 

The way the crimes are presented, always leading to several questions and doubts throughout the investigation, makes the plot more plausible and the idea won me over from the beginning.  The mix of characters made the plot intriguing and I was questioning motives and suspects, which the author knew how to unfold little by little throughout the book, as if he wanted me to become the MC’s assistant detective.  I felt completely part of the investigation and connected to the MC to solve the mystery. The characters were presented along the story in a way that kept me interested in the plot until the very end.  I really enjoyed this suspense and will definitely be reading more from this author in the future.

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Book review: The color of your voice by Daniel Newwyn

. t a t a . l i f e p a g e s | Gifted | Novella |

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I was gifted a free copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.I love how the story proceeds with both current events and flashbacks intertwined, which makes the reader intrigued and eager to see the development to grasp why the current events are taking place. This made the story flow fast and easy, I finished in one quick sitting. The title is also very intriguing and relates to the story perfectly.

The story is very heavy and perceives strong mentions of depression, rape, prostitution, drugs etc. Yet, it still reads light at parts mostly due to violets innocence and light spirit.

There are some SPOILERS below!
The story shows life through hardships of a sex-worker and a thug, this is the first time I read a book where the MC is prostitute. Its interesting to see a bit of her background story on how she proceeds into this life, however I wish there had been more details about her condition, which I later researched it as Synesthesia, actually this book was the first time I heard of it. I think the story missed giving some more insights on what each color meant, such as “The water flowing from the tap was peach orange”, why this color? I kept hoping for secret meanings for each color to develop throughout the story. I also loved how the author related her condition to being the drive to an splendid artistic talent.

One of the key things that made me not give this book a 4, was the romance build-up. It felt a bit forced, specially because I can’t imagine Violet ever loving someone who she saw beat up her mother close to death many times. Their relationship lacked romance, although it is understandable since both have never experienced love before, however it felt insta-lovish.

The ending surprised me and yet didn’t, I knew the story was doing to deal with heavy themes and depression, but I always hope for a happy ending. But after reading it I saw that the ending was perfect for this story, the author was able to give us reunion, revelation, closure and acceptance.