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Book review: Pandemonium by Willow Anderson

. tata.lifepages | Gifted | fantasy |

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wow! Guess who stayed up until 3 am last night binge reading this book? Yup guilty. Thank you so much for the author sending me a free e-book copy of this book, I devoured it. It was so thrilling, mysterious, seductive, dark, intense, mesmerizing! As you all know, I am head over heels for twisted, morally gray and seductive characters, which this book delivers on point with the Ring Master. Oh I can still picture his seductive stance and mysterious glances in my mind just typing about him. Not many books succeed in making me feel this way towards a character, and Willow Anderson delivered it and more!

The story reads fast paced, full of intriguing plot twists and alluring riddles for the reader to solve alongside the main character. I for one am addicted to love triangles, specially when they make you unsure of which love interest you like more, at the end I was cheering for both to win her heart and I knew my heart would be utterly crushed since only one could be victor. The bond between sisters is elaborated perfectly in such a realistic and enjoyable way that I felt instantly connected to their friendship. It made me long for a sister such as Victoria myself.

The author was able to leave us small clues throughout the story to hint at the ultimate villain, not enough for us to guess their identity, but enough for us to have that lucid incredible sense of nostalgic remembrance at each reference throughout the story once their identity was finally revealed at the end. I absolutely love feeling like “How did I not see it before?” once the villain is revealed.

Will I be reading book 2? YES!!!! A thousand times yes.

photo at @tata.lifepages