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Book review: Perfect by D. D. Larsen

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

Don’t let that cute contemporary cover trick you, this book is SPICY and HOT! If you enjoy sexy books with a hot,  rich, sexy,  powerful man who knows his way in bed, this is definitely for you. It gives all these 50 shades of grey vibes, so its a book full of lust and chemistry between the characters, if you are a 50 shade fan this is a good recommendation!

“Put your hands above your head.” Doing as he says, I feel and hear the click of the handcuff circling my left wrist.

Such a cute cover! 🙂

The story focuses on an instantaneous love between Seryna and Kieran, I am not the biggest fan of love-at-first-sight tropes however Kieran ends up winning your heart by the end of the book. The good thing is that the main character and everyone else in the book is aware that their love was instantaneous, which for me made a big difference in making me able to relate to the main character.

"The logical side of my brain is telling me this is crazy. We have only officially known each other a little over three weeks."

Kieran is of-course the most perfect man in the world (sometimes it made me roll my eyes a bit on how exaggeratedly perfect he was with buying her a car, giving her his credit card, paying for a hotel for all her family and friends who he doesn’t even know..)  who spoils Seryna a million. To be honest I don’t really understand why he is so head over heels for Seryna, but I think this is because I am one of those few people that didn’t like 50 shades of gray. It gives off these “millionaire falls for ordinary woman” vibes, like in Edward in twilight and Jamie in 50 shades.

photo at @tata.lifepages

The purpose of the story seems like its for you to feel swept away by this romantic, sexy, perfect man, who trust me is everything you ever wish for. There is also a mystery plot underneath the romance, since he is an FBI agent investigating Seryna’s family, however by half of the book I already knew who the criminal was and thought it was a bit obvious. This didn’t make the story less interesting, since I wanted to know who else was involved and if Kieran, our perfect man, is as perfect as he seems…. The book reads quick, fast-paced and intriguing, since you want to discover more and more about Kieran as the story progresses. Overall I enjoyed the book, specially the sexy details which are very well written and very frequent 😉 To check out the book on amazon click here.

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