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Book review: Forever Disguised, by Annie Woods

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

This second book from the Angelheart saga got me hooked from the beginning! I was craving to know what happened to the characters since book 1 ended in a cliffhanger I couldn’t wait to read the sequel. I fell head first into book 2, in order to finally solve the mystery that was driving me crazy. The author started with a whirlwind of emotions from the main character; a teenager girl yet such complex situations that surround her and trouble her, that most readers can of-course related to. The story reads fast paced, the MC got herself falling in love again, living the unexpected surprises life throws at her, but still caring and having time for her friends from the start, helping them with their own dilemmas.

Such an adorable cover! 🙂

“To her surprise her heart flip-flopped at the sight of him, “Can he look any more like a surfer commercial dude? Erica thought, trying to quell the hammering in her chest.”

The author introduces some new characters in this sequel, showing new and real relationships which are easy to connect to. I love how diverse this story is, genre wise as well as relationship-wise. The MC feels this pull towards her friends that she must try to help, from gay acceptance, adapting to college and insecurity, moving to another city, etc. All of this put together into a suspenseful plot of royal heritage, murder and even life in an isolated religious cult. I find the suspense the most interesting part of the story. I am amazed at how the author was able to bring together all of these things happening in parallel. This trilogy is the opposite of a slow-read. The pages fly in your hands.

photo by @tata.lifepages
I will keep following Erica, who I have grown dearly found of, through her life saga on the next book for sure! 🙂 You can check out more about the book and the author here or the amazon page here.