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Book review: The Five Princes , by Deidrea Dewitt

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

The story reads fast paced, starting off right when the action begins with Marina finding out by a King that she just met that she is Crown Princess and heir to the throne of another kingdom, and that her father shipped her there to learn how to be a Princess. She is of-course, as expected, angry and frustrated for being lied to her whole life, and unlike majority of girls who would love to be in her shoes, Marina is reluctant to accept the position. We are a introduced to a series of strong male characters, all with completely different traits and personalities, that must guide and support Marina in her new task. It astounded me how the author was able to give chemistry between Marina and all 5 princes. 

The cover is what drew me in!

“Princess? I couldn’t be a princess. That didn’t make any sense. Dad was a business man. Mom was a fashion designer. They weren’t royal people.”

All princes had that intense connection to Marina, in different ways, and you could feel the tension and longing with all of them. However I did have a favorite between them, even though I loved them all. Deidrea is truly a master of character chemistry. I felt at times it sounded similar to a reverse-harem story, which I enjoy very much. Of-course, I am more drawn to brooding male characters and couldn’t resist Prince Julian most of all. His ending was also my favorite between all of them, as well as his extra point of view part at the end. The main character, Marina, was relatable and easy to connect to. I felt her frustrations and anger towards her family and everyone at the castle for keeping secrets from her. I loved how bad-ass she was fighting almost every other chapter with her karate skills.

photo by @tata.lifepages

The mystery behind the threats, poisoning, mental health issues of the King, her families secrets, and the Double Eights, kept the story action-packed and intriguing. I was glad to see the book talked about psychological issues such as panic attacks, it is good to see these mental health topics being brought up more in fantasy literature. I found the choose your ending part super fun, I absolutely loved this in the Goosebumps books in my teen years. I had to read all the possible endings since I am too curious to know what would happen in all of them. I will definitely be looking into the other books by Deidrea, I love how she writes, you can feel the chemistry!

 You can check out more about the book and the author here or amazon page here.