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Book review: The Queen of Cursed Things, by S. M. Gaither

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

I really enjoyed this first book in the Serpents & kings series. It follows the story of Alaya, part of the serpent clan who was thought to be completely extinguished by the High King. Able to control the curses left behind by her powerful clan, Alaya is now the most wanted and most feared person in the kingdom. The idea behind the plot and the world building is incredible, S. M. Gaither was able to create this world full of unique clans who each have a specific affinity to a certain element or skill. I really enjoyed learning about all the clans, the powers they carry, which is complemented nicely by art at the start of the book indicating the different clans. The story reads slow-paced at first and then it develops fluently with a descriptive plot.

The cover is what drew me in!

“What if the Serpent-kind had left curses upon this wretched palace… What if she really did have the power to wake them up?”

The moment the Prince was introduced I was very intrigued by his sassy and confident personality, and he became automatically my favorite character. The plot revolves around Alaya, which must with the help of her companions follow with the quest at hand, to understand her past and save the Sundolian Empire. The Queen of Cursed Things is perfect for lovers of high fantasy, hero characters with mysterious nature and heritage, betrayals and plot twists, as well as dragons!

“Would you make me your queen some day? A queen of cursed things for your people to despise and throw stones at?”

photo by @tata.lifepages

You can check out more about the book and the author here or on the amazon page here.