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Book review: Of Dreams and Sorcery, by Heather Renee

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Royals? Yes! Fae? Yes! Dragons? Yes! Guardians? Dark evil fae that wants to dominate the world? Yup!! 😀

Of Dreams and Sorcery tells the story of Kaliah, who discovers on her 19th birthday not only that she is a fae AND a princess, but also the strongest light fae descendant ever born. Her reality is completely altered as she returns to Arvayta to face an evil dark fae who will stop at nothing to have her at his side. I enjoyed the book, it is a very short and fast read. It has elements of one of my favorite tropes ever, enemies to lovers, and it is has some sarcastic and funny moments which I adore.

I absolutely love this cover!

What do you say, my love? Will you leave this world behind and be mine forever?

The only thing that lacked for me was the world-building, which I felt was sort-of sprung at us and it was hard to grasp. My favorite character was of course Ryland the guardian, tasked to protect Kaliah and her family. However the character that I am most curious and want to read more about is the Dark fae! He gives me some “The Darkling” feelings from the grishaverse which I absolutely love. I really love the idea of the animal bonds and the Meraki bond, which makes me very curious for how they will be developed in the sequel. The plot is focused on Kaliah’s training and learning about her new abilities and this new world of hers, the action really starts at the second half of the book. The ending was a bit brutal and shocking, however now that I had the time to ponder more it makes complete sense. I can’t wait to read n#2!

photo by @tata.lifepages
I recommend this novel if you are looking for a fast paced fantasy read with enemies to lovers trope and magical creatures! You can check out more about the book and the author here, or get the book over at the amazon page here.

Cover photo by Natasha weedman

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