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Book review: Lakota Honor, by Kat Flannery

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Lakota Honor was a delightful historical surprise; a beautiful and heartfelt romance with setting in the old west. The story is told in two points-of-view; by Otakatay, a hired witch-killer, and by Nora, a healer hiding in the shadows. Their life’s end up complicatedly intertwined in a rough path where making a living is so hard for many, specially for these two holding special abilities. Nora is a gifted young woman, pure and joyful, who is struggling to find herself and just longs for a normal life.

Book #1 Branded Trilogy

She moves with her father from place to place, running from a destiny she didn’t ask for, but still striving to do her best. While the killer, a proud young man, with different roots, an outcast, is trying to survive and save the ones he left behind. The connection between these two made me fly through the chapters, the novel is short and reads very fast. The story starts off with an enemies-to-lovers feel (which you guys know is one of my favorite tropes). It definitely was not love at first sight, with their first encounter being an angry and wild experience, and I found myself cheering for both of them to overcome the obstacles and find love.

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I really enjoyed reading about their adventure together and how the author describes their force as individuals, showcasing their true beliefs and the good nature one must have in order to fulfill their destiny and fight against injustice. 
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