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Book review: The Veiled Threat, by Sophia Menesini

. tata.lifepages | Gifted | NA fantasy |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Veiled Threat follows the story of Shea Lara, a dangerous and beautiful elf who is captain of the Veiled Duchess and holds behind her fierce gaze a caring and loving heart. This is an action-packed read full of plot-twists, betrayal, friendship and chemistry! The pages flew in my hands as I journeyed with Shea throughout the world of Nereid. Shea is a sassy and witty pirate, as well as brave and loyal. She is the perfect morally gray character, sailing the seas robbing yet still with moral beliefs. The elves are enslaved, mistreated and humiliated therefore she longs for a way to save her race. The side characters are very well written, I love Aster the most.

I love this cover!

The story is full of female empowerment, which fills my heart with joy, with a matriarchy queendom in place. The female characters are strong, independent and leaders. The romance between Shea and the princess starts as an intense attraction, the chemistry is tangible and written very well. It is beautiful to see throughout the story how their attraction progresses into love. I can’t wait to start book 2 in the series! 

photo by @tata.lifepages
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