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Book review: A Bradford Academy Novel, by Rowdy Rooksy

| Gifted | academy romance|

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I went into this novel blindly, so when I discovered while reading that this was a super sexy and sizzling hot read I was so excited! This reads more like a reverse harem but filled with mystery and intrigue about the Bradford Elite. The Bradford academy is one of the most exclusive and rich private academies. Only billionaires and powerful families attend. It is like a completely different reality, in a way it reminds me of gossip girl. We follow the story of teenage heirs to this immense heritage, who act like they own the world, spending thousands and thousands on superfluous things, and family name is the most important thing.

A Bradford Academy Novel

Dare 1#

The two best things about this novel are the characters and the chemistry. If you enjoyed Gossip Girl, you will understand what I’m talking about. Everyone is hot, charming, seductive, the characters all have an amazing backstory, they all have motives and desires. Just like Fallon, our main character, I was completely hooked to these glorious human beings. This novel reads like a game of seduction and power. Fallon is new to the academy and has not lived this life of fortune, since she only recently discovered to be the heir of one of the richest families. We dive into this world with Fallon and fall for all these gorgeously charming and sexy academy boys. I am so so eager for book 2!

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