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Book review: Sword of the Seven Sins, by Emily Colin

| Gifted | YA fantasy|

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sword of the Seven Sins started off eerie and dark and I was hooked right away as the main character kills her first man. Eva has to become the one thing she despises: a Bellator. The pace only picks up from there, and the suspense killed me, I couldn’t stop reading!

Her mentor Ari is introduced and a steamy romance is born. I was rooting for them from the start, and the enemies-to-lovers scenes were literally everything. I am so addicted to this trope as you guys know. But how could they be together when love is forbidden?

I love this cover!

“But if I have already sinned by wanting her,

then perhaps what happens between us now doesn’t matter.

Perhaps we are already damned.”

The plot was fast-paced, which is something I enjoy. I love the entire concept behind the society which bases its rules on virtues and sins. The character development is very well played out, specially their chemistry. The ending had me reeling and I was left a mess after finishing it. Such an intense and addicting read, I am so eager for the sequel!

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