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Book review: Forever Eve, by JB Lexington

| Gifted | romance |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was not expecting how much I enjoyed this novel, it was a delightful surprise. It is full of steamy romance, sizzling hot sexy scenes, real strong friendships, the hardships of marriage and the behind the scenes of a woman dealing with physical and emotional abuse. The story follows Izabel, who is recently married to Bo, who is following his fathers steps into politics. Although it seems like Bo really cares about Izabel, he is very possessive of her and can’t control his anger.

So feminine and seductive!

“Her past collides with her present when she runs into a familiar stranger, and it turns her world upside down. She is forced to accept her suppressed emotions and open her heart to an unexpected love.”

After much convincing from her bestfriend Nat, she goes to a Past Life Regression session and discovers this entirely different woman, Eve, who had a life of seduction and fell in Love with the charming Charlie. She couldn’t get their story off her mind. I personally related so much with Izabel, I also went through a difficult marriage in the past, it took me years to finally get the courage to leave him. In the beginning I was furious at Izabel for being with a person like Bo, and having to deal with his horrible father. However I know how hard it is to see what an abusive relationship looks like. It really hit home for me.

Then she meets Henry, who is connected to her past life and Charlie in a way. Meeting him is like filling your lungs with fresh air after being submerged for so long. I could connect so well with Izabel and her feelings towards him. I loved their romance, and the ending was entirely satisfying. Will definitely keep an eye out for more books from the author

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