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Book review: Winterly, by Jeanine Croft

| Gifted | gothic romance |

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was hesitant at first due to the sheer size of this novel, but the pages will fly in your hands, trust me. The writing is eloquent and beautiful and takes you into the Victorian Era. A gothic romance that will pull you in! I love Emma’s character. She is a clever woman with witty remarks, determined to uncover the truth. I love her friendship with her sister, they bicker and laugh together, and are very protective of each other.

“I see you are trying to make out my character,” he said.
“Yes, but it is hard to do so in the dark.”
“Some things are best done in the dark, Miss Rose.”
“That is just what a wicked monk would say.”

Once they meet Lord Winterly and his family, they are both fascinated by them. The dialogues are amazing, specially between Emma and Lord Winterly. Emma senses something dark within the Winterly family, but like calls to like and she can’t seem to pull away from them. Lord Winterly is seductive, charming, dark and mysterious. Their romance is amazingly done and I was rooting for them from the start. I am in love with how Jeanine Croft writes and absolutely need to check out more books from this author!

You can check out more about the book and the author here.

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