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Book review: Terra Nova, by M. T. G.

| Gifted | NA fantasy |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you enjoy dark vampire books that take place in medieval settings with lots of plot twists this book is for you. During the beginning of the novel it was a bit hard to grasp the entire variety of characters and the world building, but after that I couldn’t put the book down and everything became much clearer. The story follows two parallel worlds, one overtaken by vampires, and the other Earth as we know it. I love the entire concept of the portal between these worlds and once Evangeline and Cynthia get across I couldn’t stop reading.

The novel is dark and intense, which I absolutely love! I would recommend it for a New Adult genre.

“I think you are pretty. Mother says not all regular humans are pretty like you. I am happy you came. I hope I don’t eat you.”

The characters were all amazingly done, I loved Evangeline, Raffael, Eros, Ehvan… The fact that the story is told in multiple point of views allowed us to connect to each of them. The plot is masterfully put together, throwing plot twists after plot twist towards us in a way that the novel became very action packed and it reads super fast paced. One of my favorite elements was the angst and hatred between Evangeline and Eros in the beginning and how this transforms throughout the novel. Terra Nova was heartbreaking and emotional, there are many unexpected turn of events. I will definitely keep an eye out for more upcoming novels from this author!

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