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Book review: Unraveled, by C. F. Gonzi

| Gifted | Suspense |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Unraveled is an action packed read that follows the romance between Jace and Delilah. It is not a conventional love story, considering these two characters are FBI agents, it is a suspenseful and thrilling novel! Jace is a young but expert agent, and a Delilah a clever rookie with a lot of energy. From the first moment they met, they were drawn to one another. As the job brings them closer together, their relationship blossoms. 

The pursuit of a powerful drug lord puts their life at risk, as they play cat and mouse with the villain around the city. When an accident jeopardies everything, their lives, their love and even their career, they must fight against their enemies throughout this dangerous path they chose.

It’s a fast paced and engaging book, as I found myself rooting for these love birds. The book also has some dark psychological twists, related to drug use and its effects, this powerful drug is much more then it seems. The ending was a wild cliffhanger, I was not expecting these plot twists! I am super excited for the sequel and can’t wait to read more of this series! !

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