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Book review: Birth of the Fae, by D. Orsino

| Gifted | fantasy |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Birth of the fae is such a mesmerizing and fairytale-like read. The writing is descriptive and eloquent. In the beginning of the novel I could really feel the angels anguish and betrayal as they are cast out of heaven. It is such an emotional read, I could clearly picture every scene in my mind and I suffered alongside Xi and Jarvok as they wept. 

The story has some religious backbone to it, even connecting events to Moses and the red sea. I love how we come to learn how Dryads, Merfolk, Pixies and all these fairytale creatures came to be and we follow Xi, who becomes queen Aurora, and how she creates the Court of Light. 

“No one knew the nature of this star streaking in the sky, but they felt the anguish. The ache and determination were obvious. The yearning to return home was the same for all of them.”

I love the entire concept of the two factions of angels, the Virtues and Power Angels, and both were beautiful in their own way. Not only do we have a fairy-tale like written story, but the book itself is also absolutely stunning, I love the elegant look of the hardcover and all the extra little perks it has like the map, and the chapter titles which are all gorgeous! The book is short and left me longing for more, I am already excited for the upcoming novels in the series!

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