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Book review: The White Owl, by B. D. Connor

| Gifted | fantasy |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was overjoyed by all the Scotland vibes that the story gives out, which made me miss the time I lived in Dundee – Scotland. The kilts, clans and their lairds, their dialogues, everything really made me nostalgic of Scottish culture… The plot is completely character driven, which I found great. The story switches between the different point of views from the various characters, which allows us to connect to each of them.

It is definitely an Adult or New Adult fantasy, my favorite genre, since it has more mature topics. I often went back to the map at the beginning of the book to locate all the places that were mentioned, although the writing on the map is really small which made it a bit difficult.

I love how the magic is weaved into the story and how everything is linked in the end. I also enjoyed how real the characters were, which made them more relatable. There are heartfelt moments and fun action-packed scenes which kept my eyes glued to the page! The ending is satisfying and at the same time leaves room for the author to explore a future novel for which I await eagerly.

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