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Book review: Below the Dome

| Gifted | YA fantasy |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Below the dome follows the story of Katchan, a skinny and curious boy who finds himself on a path of discovery. It is a very thought provoking read, it really made me wonder about the importance of stories. Katchan finds himself alone after the death of his grandmother, and runs from his village in the direction of the sun with nothing but a parchment left behind by his grandma that he can’t read. 

He longs to understand her last message to him and knows that the meaning is somehow connected to this mysterious rock she left behind. I found it a bit hard to grasp the worldbuilding, elements like the Silver city and Marikel I had to reread a couple of times. The story has a religious backbone to it and flows nicely to read, the writing is compelling and addictive. Katchan is very brave, instead of finding comfort in his village and a warm bed he defies the elder, and runs in search for answers to his grandmothers last message to him.

“He ran away to protect Grandma’s story. Even though it was safe, the contents were still unknown. They would remain unknown until he found the sunset people below the dome who could teach him how to decipher these stories 

The journey below the dome seemed in the beginning as a form of escape for Katchan, however it becomes a place for him to grow and find his strength. As he travels he comes across characters, all who have a connection to the story and I found myself eager to unravel how it all linked together. I can tell that the author really put work into this novel, overall very enjoyable!

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Book review: Aftermath

| Gifted | fantasy |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Aftermath was an addictive read, the author really knows how to pull you in with force! We follow the story of twin sisters, Lyla and Lilly, who live in the aftermath period after the invasion and destruction by the “takers”, or as we come to learn later, the Demorites. These girls are so mature and independent. From early age they have learned how to hunt, scavenge, journey through the woods, fight and protect themselves.

They are so connected to each other, their dynamics is amazing! It even made me long for a sister, they divide tasks and responsibilities, share each others burdens and troubles and understand each others weakness.

I was heartbroken at the scene they discover their dead grandma in the woods, and at the same time I was impressed how they were able to focus and keep going. These girls are no ordinary girls after all, they are half witches!

I really enjoyed the fact that there was also romance alongside the main plot, although I do have a darkness in my heart I think because I am always rooting for the bad guy to get the girl! Damien was a very intriguing character and I am excited to see more of him in the sequel. Overall I am really impressed with the way the author writes, it is an captivating read with immersive plot twists and a great plot development!

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Book review: A Peculiar Royal

| Gifted | MG fantasy |

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A Peculiar Royal is a heartwarming read, perfect during cozy Christmas time. I would recommend it for middle grade fantasy lovers, specially for those who enjoy “the lost heir” and “orphan” tropes. The book follows the story of Tristan, a 17 years old boy who lives on the street. I had a feeling that he was younger while I was reading, I pictured him more as 14 years old.

In the beginning we see how he and his gang of homeless kids struggle to live off the streets, which made me feel emotional. His companion dog, Nork, was adorable and the perfect sidekick.

Things change when Tristan is discovered by the royal family. Tristan is scared, he is taken to the palace and discovers he is the lost prince. He struggles to adapt, after all, he thinks how could a street-rat be the heir to the throne? It is very heartwarming to see how his grandparents fight to win his love and his trust. The focus is not so much on the plot but more on Tristan’s personal growth and how important family is. Overall, a touching and satisfying happy tale!

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Book review: Secret of royals

| Gifted | YA fantasy |

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Secret Royals was an amazing sequel to the kingdom of another world, it was so heartfelt and emotional. It added many new layers to the story, as we are introduced to new characters and even to new worlds. The story starts off 23 years after the ending of book 1. I was curious to know what happened with Kiara and Derek. Did she choose her heart or her obligations to her realm?

At the very beginning I was heartbroken and found myself hungrily turning pages in order to understand what had occurred. I really enjoyed how the story was told in multiple points of views and also in different timelines. As we are introduced to Nicole and Richard, I found myself addicted to their story.

Nicole is super independent and brave (I would be scared to go into an underground secret poker game! one of my favorite scenes of her!). She possesses a secret skill, that has dangerous people wanting her.

In comes handsome Richard, and I was immediately swooning! He is determined to find the girl from his visions, and when he does, we witness this beautiful slow burn romance between these two characters develop. I could FEEL the static between them. I loved how this book mixed this medieval setting from Elias with the modern technology from Earth, and I found adorable how Richard was learning about her world. It is noticeable how much work and planning the author put into the story, everything is linked, every passage has a purpose and a meaning behind it. I cannot wait to see the ultimate connection of everything.

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