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Book review: Secret of royals

| Gifted | YA fantasy |

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Secret Royals was an amazing sequel to the kingdom of another world, it was so heartfelt and emotional. It added many new layers to the story, as we are introduced to new characters and even to new worlds. The story starts off 23 years after the ending of book 1. I was curious to know what happened with Kiara and Derek. Did she choose her heart or her obligations to her realm?

At the very beginning I was heartbroken and found myself hungrily turning pages in order to understand what had occurred. I really enjoyed how the story was told in multiple points of views and also in different timelines. As we are introduced to Nicole and Richard, I found myself addicted to their story.

Nicole is super independent and brave (I would be scared to go into an underground secret poker game! one of my favorite scenes of her!). She possesses a secret skill, that has dangerous people wanting her.

In comes handsome Richard, and I was immediately swooning! He is determined to find the girl from his visions, and when he does, we witness this beautiful slow burn romance between these two characters develop. I could FEEL the static between them. I loved how this book mixed this medieval setting from Elias with the modern technology from Earth, and I found adorable how Richard was learning about her world. It is noticeable how much work and planning the author put into the story, everything is linked, every passage has a purpose and a meaning behind it. I cannot wait to see the ultimate connection of everything.

You can check out more about the book and the author here.

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