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Book review: The Mister Roger’s Effect

| Gifted | non-fiction |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Although I have never watched the show ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood’, after reading this book I can pretty well visualize what kind of man Fred Rogers was and what he stands for. Fred Rogers was the host of ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood’, which was a television show for kids that focused on establishing a secure environment for children, to educate them in a constructive way, unlike other fast paced and violent tv shows.

The book lays out the psychological principles that Mister Rogers employed for which he was known and loved. I especially liked how understandable the book made the 7 psychological principles by formulating the background theory, providing examples on how Mister Rogers applied it and suggesting how to apply it in your own neighbourhood. The book was particularly strong on explaining the psychological principles to the average person, which makes it an informative book without being a heavy read.

“like bodies of water change the lands they run through over time, we are shaped and impacted by those who love us”

Many more beautiful quotes could be retrieved, but this one is my favorite. We won’t accept the influence from people that do not care about us. The book makes us stand still and think about how we treat others. The little things that seem obvious, but are often forgotten.

The book is most suited for caregivers like parents, teachers, counsellors etc., but I believe that everybody could learn a lesson from Mister Rogers. The novel is an enlightening read that made me reflect on how I treat people in my life. I found myself constantly wanting to share the knowledge I acquired while reading with my family members.

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