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Book review: Well… THAT was Awkward

| Gifted | romcom |

Rating: 5 out of 5.

At Solomons island, in a small village, an unique antique shop owner lives a quiet life until love strikes unexpectedly! This romantic comedy was super fast paced and hilarious! I found myself laughing out loud! Emerson is a young and smart woman, who at first isn’t really worried about her image as she dresses as a rebel teenager. John is a handsome pilot, smart and polished.

They bump into each other at a park, and I found myself blushing with second-hand embarrassment! He confuses her with a HOMELESS woman, while she is completely stunned by his perfect bod. She is both in shock by his handsome and sexy appearance and humiliated by his confusion. I found myself wondering how this awkward moment could be the start of a love story.

The author astounds me with an incredibly funny and intelligent writing style, which takes us into an amazing romance story between a young, beautiful and unique woman and a handsome man, who is very humble and with an open heart. I found it super inspiring to see this strong female character with such an authentic form of presentation, discovering herself as a sexy and loving woman, altogether with her growth as a young entrepreneur. I loved how she could see her true self and find a path to keep growing, all while enjoying life and love. Handling the adversities in her life without losing her inner magic as a woman. This book is truly inspiring, fun, romantic, and just overall an incredibly uplifting novel!

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