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Book review: A Gallery of Mothers

| Gifted | YA fantasy |

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A Gallery of mothers was a pleasant surprise, it is rare that a sequel is better than the first book but in this case it is! It is noticeable how much work the author has put into this sequel, specially with the development of the characters which has undoubtedly matured.

The alternating timelines between present and past gave us a deeper insight into the events that lead to the Threat Below.

The past was my favorite time-line as it helped me to understand the story and the creation of Mountain top. The book feels like watching an action movie, it flows in a gripping and fast paced manner. Many secrets, betrayals and morally gray characters are present which makes everything more captivating! We are constantly torn between which side to take as further events are unfolded.

Overall an adventurous novel full of plot twists and jaw dropping events! I look forward to more books from this author!

You can check out more about the book and the author here.

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