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Purchases on Bookstagram

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How do you spend money on bookstagram? What are the habits of bookstagrammers in relation to purchases on social media? Who is the average bookstagram consumer?

I was approached by Global Fintech FIS about a topic I would like to present to you guys today for discussion! Have you ever thought about how our book community is spending their money and how we are influenced to purchase online?

I have been in boosktagram for almost 4 years now and I have spent thousands of euros related to purchases influenced by the bookstagram community. I learned of new merchandise related to books that I had never heard of before, and also of new payment methods that I didn’t use before.

“From the young to the young at heart, the way generations pay globally is changing. That’s why getting to know your audience is so important.”

Generation Pay report 2021

Majority, if not all, of the payments in bookstagram are cashless and contactless. Mostly via payment tools such as paypal or via credit card. Bookstagram is a huge online community with various different types of merchandise related to books. I had never heard of a booksleeve before and now I own over 30! Cashless methods are beneficial in many ways, including: reduced costs and business risks, transaction speed and convenience…

Through my observation over the last few years and also my insights of my own account @tata.lifepages (currently at 60k followers), I have noticed that the bookish community on Instagram consists in majority of woman and mostly from the Gen Z (18-23 years old) and Millennials (24-39 years old) generations.

What are their payment preferences? Where do they spend their money? Taking myself as an example (a 28 year old woman): I prefer to use my mobile wallet for payment and I purchase mostly book subscriptions boxes and special editions.

The Generation Pay report by FIS digs deep into consumer payment preferences, financial attitudes and spending habits. This report is free and can be accessed via their website. The report explores:

  • How generations adapt to new payment methods and agile businesses turned a turbulent year into a year of opportunities
  • The vital role of payment acceptance in meeting customer expectations.
  • Why future success will rely on continued digital investment.
  • Why channel mix will continue to be crucial to building loyalty.
United States data from the 2021 FIS GenPay report

This free report is most useful for business owners looking for more insights of the payment preferences of their consumers across countries and different generations.