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Book Promotions

If you are an author or a publisher looking for promoting your novel on my Instagram account @tata.lifepages as well as on my blog, I ask to please email me the synopsis and the press release (if available), so that we can discuss which type of collaboration would be best for your novel. I only promote novels that interest me and match my account.


I can host a giveaway on my account, we discuss your novel and which prize fits best your desired outcome.

cover reveal

A feature collaboration that includes promoting on stories and a dedicated post on my Instagram feed. Click to see an example here.

book tours

I can organize a bookstagram tour to promote the novel with various popular accounts over 10k followers. Please fill this google form so we can organize a tour for your novel!

review agenda

My review agenda fills up fast, please schedule with me at least 2 months in advance for a review. For cover reveals and feature collaborations I ask for at least 2 weeks notice in advance of the date you would like posted.

Insights & Follower audience

My interest is focused mostly on fantasy, paranormal and historical romances. However, depending on the novel I also feature sci-fi, contemporary and thriller. My Instagram follower audience is 89% women and the age target is mostly Young Adult and Adult. Since my account is entirely in English, majority of my audience is from English speaking countries (USA, UK, Canada…).

Aesthetics matters…

My account has a specific pastel tone aesthetic, however this does not limit or exclude me from featuring dark covers. You can see various examples of darker covers here and here. However from time to time if the cover clashes too much with my feed aesthetics I will feature them folded with a slide on the next page, like this.

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