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Book review: The Trade-off by Uranio Bonoldi

| Gifted | thriller |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was super excited when I saw that this book was written by a Brazilian author! The Trade-off starts off with a very dark and vicious atmosphere, with a future glimpse of Otto dragging corpses into a landfill! I was immediately fascinated and found myself very curious to understand why he found himself in this situation. An impressive beginning to this eerie and fast paced story!

The Trade-off involves a socialite Brazilian family and the last living descendants of a decimated indigenous tribe. We follow the story of young Otto, who was struggling in school and trying hard to succeed but always failing. His family took in a helper, an indigenous woman, Iaúna, that helps Otto to get better at school in a very mysterious way. His success in life comes with a horrible price, that even caused me some discomfort to imagine.

I was so incredibly hooked while reading, that I got to a point where I was both rooting for him at one moment and also completely repulsed by him at another moment. I was torn and conflicted, and I love that the book made me feel that way because it shows that the characters are shades in between a hero and a villain, which is more relatable. The book is very eccentric! One of my favorite elements of the entire story was how it was able to bring together Brazilian indigenous culture with dark and powerful magic.

You can check out more about the book and the author here.

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