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Book review: After Eve by J.B. Lexington

| Gifted | romance |

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It is not often that I like a sequel more than the first book, but this was definitely the case with After Eve! We follow Izabel a couple of years after the events of Forever Eve. Life seems perfect, she has an amazing, caring, sexy husband that loves her completely and she has a baby on the way… After eve dives deeply into the psychological issues caused by people who undergo severe traumas, combined with post-partum depression.

I love that the author has brought to light such an important mental health aspect that is not addressed so often in our society. I found it easy to connect to the story and to Izabel, which made this a super fast read! I could really understand what she was going through and her emotions because the author describes it in such a realistic way (even though I haven’t gone through these issues myself). I love how strong Izabel is and how she knew to admit when she needed help by seeking out another regression session for help.

This book really inspired me to be a mom, I found myself smiling and at times even had tears in my eyes at some absolutely beautiful family scenes. It just made me so eager to have a baby (or two? :P) of my own. The bathtub scenes, them crawling around the house, all the little things with the babies bring out a heartwarming cozy feeling while reading.

The ending! Everything connected in such a way that I found myself astounded at the end. When I started After Eve I thought that we wouldn’t be reading about Eve anymore, however the author is able to masterfully link everything in a way that we still have pieces of Eve throughout the story

You can check out more about the book and the author here.

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