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Book review: Swiping for Prince Charming, by Sabrina Marzaro

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a beautifully illustrated modern version of a fairy-tale. This book presents a quick and short read that brings out a comic side to online dating, accompanied by gorgeous illustrations of the streets and dwellings of Paris throughout the main events of the book. The artwork is truly pleasant, making me want to experience Paris once again. The story has a very strong female empowering message at the end which delighted me and elevated my perspective on a working women’s independence. Unlike other fairy-tales where a prince charming is expected to come and rescue the damsel in distress, this book presents an alternative perspective.

It is truly an delightful read to enjoy while sipping a glass of wine, lighting a refreshing candle and swiping right or left on some potential prince charming. I recommend getting the hardcover version, which is very large (doesn’t fit my bookshelf height! :P) and showcases the illustrations very well. You can check out the authors page here, or to check out the book on amazon click here.

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